Daniel Pullan

Trying is the first step towards failure.

Note from future Dan: I haven't worked on this in years now, this was from when I was an Apprentice.

Calcium is a School VLC/CMS with a IT Helpdesk. It has seen development from a small number of people. Currently, I'm responsible for Calcium's Dark Mode, a feature I had initially requested and ended up being in charge of it.

There are plans to give Calcium additional features, with the current roadmap including a redesign, a major CSS cleanup, colour templating and more admin focused features.

The link to the stable repository is https://github.com/Poole-High-School/Calcium.

I currently have a tiny role in Calcium's development, with nearly all the current development being done by the lead developer Madison Spry. (@m_spry / http://mspry.net).